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Century House is a reality-TV series, which was originally shown on YLE TV1 in 2017. The series followed television producer Juha-Pekka Ristmeri’s construction project. Ristmeri built a modern house almost entirely out of wood and on the site where his childhood home once stood.


During the ten-part series, a detached house is built. The main requirement for the house is that it must last for at least a century, additionally, the house should be healthy, configurable, modern, and it should fulfill the standards in the future. Considering the fact that the constructor knows next to nothing about constructing, the equation becomes almost impossible.


The end result is the Century house, which stands tall in Pori as the landmark for enthusiasm, dreams, and creative madness. The uncommonly shaped house holds within itself the tales, botch-ups, feats and arguments of the workers. Without forgetting the accidents. Honest depiction of the hard work of those involved in the construction is out there for everyone to see.