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Dream Wedding is an entertaining documentary series, that tells a love story of a couple in each episode.

The programme focuses on the couple and each episode has its own peculiarities based on the qualities and vibe of the couple.  Surprising events occur before the wedding ceremony and all of the couples have their unique way of celebrating special day.

In general it could be said that there is a lot of drama, love, tension and passion in each episode. What matters the most, are the dynamics between each interesting character and all the dramatic events.


Dream Wedding does not have any host. The storytelling proceeds by narration and the comments are precise, easy to follow, relevant and funny. In essence, music has an absolutely crucial role in the series. Popular Finnish music, or sometimes international pop music, is played to evoke dramatic and contemporary feelings.

Those hungry for romantic reality TV are in for a treat, as the third series of Dream Wedding is now in production. Ten new episodes from the second series will be broadcasted on TV5 from January 28th 2019 onwards. The episodes can be viewed on Dplay, after they have been broadcasted on national television. They can be viewed in advance on Dplay+.



Are you getting married? Dare to do it in front of cameras? Apply for the upcoming season of Dream Wedding, scheduled to be filmed this summer.


Dream Wedding sweeps the viewer into real Finnish love stories, and their culmination, the wedding party.


We are currently searching for couples who are interested in participating in the show. If you and your partner are interested, and if you are getting married in 2019, fill the form behind the link.


If your application fits our show’s concept and our schedules, you’ll be contacted.


Apply for the show through the link below.